Our Student Council was set up in October 2024 and is extremely successful. Children from 5th and 6th class are chosen to represent and be the voice of the student body. It is a huge honour to be picked as you must be reliable, confident, friendly, respectful, helpful, kind-hearted and a team player. The children have to write a manifesto, which then must be presented in front of a panel of judges. These manifestos can take many forms; written, powerpoint, poster, even a song. Whatever showcases your best self. The Student Council have a very important job during the school year. They represent our school at different events, liaise with the HSCL when organising events for parents in the community, greet visitors/parents at the school gate, meet as a group and discuss school improvements, setting up the school hall for assemblies/events and guest performances and creating a polling system for student voice. We love seeing children getting involved in school life and making a difference.