The School on the Hill 

Strawberry Hill N.S. is unique in that it is a new school with a LONG history. 

Our original school was in fact two schools- Sunday’s Well G.N.S. and Sunday’s Well B.N.S.-which opened in 1835 and were one of the very first National Schools. Both schools were housed in the same building, located on Strawberry Hill, but had separate Principals and separate roll numbers.  

In 1979, Sunday’s Well G.N.S. and Sunday’s Well B.N.S. moved from the old building on Strawberry Hill to a smart new campus on Blarney Road. Both schools continued to flourish, and finally amalgamated in September 2021. After much discussion, the new name of Strawberry Hill was selected, to celebrate the foundation of a brand new school while yet retaining important links with the past.  

The old primary school