Energy and Forces

  • Electricity 


Fifth and sixth class learning all about circuits and electricity during a Lifetime Lab workshop.

  • Magnetism


Sixth class learning all about the properties of magnets. 



  • Properties and characteristics of materials


Fourth class learning about acids and bases during a BioMarin workshop.


Senior Infants investigating and exploring objects that sink and float. They also created life-jackets. They predicted, recorded and communicated their results. 


Environmental Awareness and Care

  • Environmental Awareness


Sixth class researching and presenting a project on Fairtrade products.

Caring for the Environment


All classes in the school are involved in looking after our school surroundings. We have flower beds, a bee-friendly area, a new composting section and an Air Bee and Bee. 





Senior Infants learning the basics of programming in a fun and effective way.




Fifth and sixth class pupils competing in the VexRobotics competition in MTU. They made the national finals and won four awards- Skills, Strategy and Create. 




Senior Infants expressing their creativity through Lego building. 


Stop Motion Animation


First class are having great fun creating their own stop motion animations.


STEP 3: Engineering 

Marble Run


Sixth class constructed marble runs during Science Week. 


Boat Building 


Fifth class built boats from household objects during Science Week.


Digital Tinkercad


Sixth class experimenting with 3D designs, electronics, and coding.






Lifetime Lab Maths Workshop


Fourth class enjoying the hands-on activities during the Mobile Maths Workshop provided by the Lifetime Lab.


Maths Week


The whole school participated in Maths Week. Our main focus was the topic of money. Children and parents/guardians guessed how much money was in a jar, guessed different currencies, went on treasure hunts, made coin bridges, played maths games, created maths trails, were given budgets to source outfits and much more. 


Maths Trail


Junior Infants exploring the school grounds on their Maths Trail.


STEP 5: Show and Tell