The Parents’ Association has been very active in organising events and fundraisers for the benefit of the pupils in the school over the past two years.

They also raised substantial amounts for Bumbleance in the past year.

Through the P.A. Tony O’Donovan, Musgraves and an advocate for Special Needs in Cork, raised over €1000 for equipment for our Special Classes helping to fit out our extended Sensory Room.

A focus group of parents has been involved in the naming of our Special Classes and the launch and re-naming is a key event for 2023 2024.

And our parents continue to support the review and compilation of policies and procedures relevant to the curriculum and effective operation of the school.

This year the Parents’ Representative Group will focus on

  • Policies
  • Building
  • Pupil Centric initiatives
  • And bring their insights and views

The Parents’ Representatives Group meets twice termly, in person or online, and you can register your interest by sending an email to