The HSCL Coordinator works in partnership with parents, teachers and local community organisations to support positive educational outcomes for pupils.  It recognises the parents’ role as the primary educators of their children and also the important influence of the home environment on children. As part of their work, the HSCL Coordinator will meet parents during home visits, at courses for parents in the school and at other school and community events.

In Strawberry Hill NS, the following programmes and courses will be running for 2023/2024 through the HSCL Coordinator:

  • Cuddle and Read (Junior Infants)
  • Maths for Fun (Senior Infants/First Class)
  • Time to Count (3rd Class)
  • One Book One Community (Junior Infants/Sixth Class)
  • Pilates for Parents/Guardians
  • Gaeilge Classes for Parents/Guardians
  • Christmas Wreath Making
  • Hollyhill Library BookFest


HSCL Contact Details:

HSCL Coordinator: Sheila Crowley

HSCL Number: 0892532180

HSCL email address: